Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy Monday!

I remember growing up, we didn't do a whole lot on Spring Break, aside from maybe a trip to the Grandparents.  I always wanted to do more with my kids but turns out I forgot the little part of being a working parent, and it's not always so easy to get time off. lol  So here we are, Spring Break, and just sticking around home.  Hopefully the weather won't get too crummy (we still have a lot of snow, and it's supposed to snow this week some more!), and the kids can at least play outside with their friends.....

The online crop at Paper Issues is over, and I had a great time.  Wonderful women, crafty and funny as can be!!!!  I hope everyone that took part, no matter what they accomplished, had as much fun as I did!  Here are a few more of the layouts I did up for some of the challenges....

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Still recuperating!!

I had such a great time scrapbooking this past weekend with Paper Issues!!  Once my daughter was done curling in our annual kids cordwood bonspiel, I got down to business and completed 9 different challenges up until late Saturday night!!  I am still hoping to get a few more finished in the next few evenings as Darcy is away for a couple of nights.  Deadline is March 29th if you wanted to take part, just find them at the Facebook page, Paper Issues {Friends & Fans} to check out the challenges!

I'll share a few layouts from this crop with you for the next few posts so as to not bog down one post with 9 pictures. lol

This first layout was for Becky's PI Free File Challenge.  As I don't have a working printer at home, or a cutting system for any cut files, I chose to use an older sketch from the site to work with, and this is my finished project.  Love this pic of me and my youngest!!

Next up we have DeeDee's UmWowStudio Stencil It Challenge.  I do have many stencils, but thought I'd use up the other half of the Jillibean soup die cut cardstock that I used on the above layout, and put it on the top half of my kraft cardstock and sprayed it with gold spraypaint.  I then flipped the stencil around and placed it on the bottom half of the cardstock for a positive/negative effect of gold!

Last up for today, was Jen's No Cardstock Challenge.  This wasn't a stretch for me as I quite often use just patterned paper for my backgrounds, and for matting as well.  I loved the bright fun colors, and thought it would be fun to throw on the buttons I had been using for my Bingo game earlier in the crop. LOL!

So much fun, I got a lot done, and cleared out a few things from my stash that have been sitting there for awhile. :)  I'll be back to show you a few more finished projects in a little bit!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Another day off of work due to town water issues... while the day off (paid!) is nice, it's also becoming a pain in the rear end it's happening so often these days.  Oh well, I got my oldest daughters room spring cleaned since she left for a trip this morning, smells so much better in there!! LOL!

Tomorrow, is our annual cordwood curling bonspiel for grades 1-6.  Super fun for the kids, and I only have one in that age group right now so I'll enjoy not having to be there the ENTIRE time. ;)  It goes tomorrow for a few hours, then Saturday for a good part of the day but will be done before supper.  Which is great. 


This weekend there's an online crop at Paper Issues!!  It's been great getting to know these awesomely fun ladies the last few months, and I am looking forward to a TON of challenges, and I'm sure a lot of chatting and laughs too!!!  Go HERE to join up!!!  

There's a real life crop in about a month put on by Lori and friends at Love is in the Details, but I just can't make the trip down right now... :(  Hopefully next year I'll be back there to see everyone!!!

I can't show you anything new right now.  Cuz, well, I haven't done anything since my last post.  I'm saving up my mojo for tomorrow night. ;)  Hope you can find time to check out the online crop and have a lot of fun!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Happy Hump Day!!

It's been a long long long weekend at my house, all of the kiddos were off of school Monday, Tuesday, and then again this morning.  My time away at work is actually something I look forward to at times like these! LOL!  I love my kids to the moon and back, I truly do.... but I also like to listen to silence every now and then. :)

I played around with the latest sketch at Paper Issues on the weekend, a fun grid style pattern that has lots of options for a lot of pictures, or just one picture and a lot of embellishments or die cuts, etc.

Here is the sketch that started me off....

And using Websters Pages awesome Beautiful Chic collection as well as some chipboard pieces from Love is in the Details,  and a few other little treats, this is what I managed to come up with!  I still love all of these shots I managed to get of the kids, and really wish I had taken more of each of them individually at the time......

And while I had the Beautiful Chic out and ready, I found one of Makenna's old school pictures that seemed to match too perfectly not to play around with!  I jokingly said that it kind of reminds me of some of my older work, but I still kinda like how it turned out. lol

I'm crossing fingers that my pictures will be in SOON, so I'll have some new stuff to work with!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Happy Friday!!!

I must admit, that until about 1pm yesterday, I thought it was Friday.  Seriously.  So imagine my disappointment when I realized that it wasn't Friday until today.  I did have my TGIT TV lineup to keep me entertained last night though, so Thursday wasn't a total bust.

But NOW, it really is Friday!!!  That means pj's as soon as I get home, movie and snacks for the kids tonight, and time at the scrap table for me. :)  I sat down this morning and whipped up a layout, and it felt so awesome that I think I'll continue on this evening.

This layout was throw together using Webster Pages Hall Pass collection, plus a few extra things from Love is in the Details (chicken wire chipboard is one of my faves!!)...  I am throwing this up for the Paper Issues current Linky Party, Enamored with Enamel .  I brought out some enamel dots from my stash and found them a home throughout the layout, along with some die cuts and chipboard and some flair!!

This beautiful girl is my first born daughter, my oldest child... and although I was apparently only 12 years old when I had her, she is turning Sweet 16 on March 15th.  I can't believe how fast time flies by, and how quickly my babies are growing up.  Makes me proud and sad at the same time. lol

Have a great, scrappy weekend!!!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Flashback Friday!!!

So while I was perusing some layouts to link up at Paper Issues, I got lost in looking through my albums of them.... I really need to take more time to look through the things I have created, after all that is what they are made for!!!

This one is just one of the many of my youngest, Brayden.  He's such a character, I don't even have the time to tell all of his hilarious stories.  This particular day he was just chillaxin' in the high chair watching tv.  In a hockey helmet.  Typical day around my house.

If you ever want to see the kids with the most amazing eyes, head on up my way and I'll introduce you to a friend of mine.  Her kids are beautiful.  Seriously model beautiful.  This little gem is now 2 years older and still has those amazing, piercing eyes!

Swimming in the pool when we hit the city is one of my kids favorite things to do.  We only get to a hotel twice/year on average, and we usually don't take all 4 kids.  Our trips are usually for Braydens cardiologist appointments, and we take turns with the other kids coming with us.  This particular trip it was Jackson's turn.  The boys.  Unfortunately, the older boy got the flu the morning after for the 2nd year in a row. :(  Thankfully they had all this fun before it hit though!!!

This is why I scrapbook, to remember the fun times, the good times, the memorable times.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Spring is coming!!

Well, I won't say I can feel it yet.... but it's March, it's not -45 degrees Celcius, so I can feel it in the air!!  I'm excited to open my windows and air out my house, I'm excited to get outside with my camera and take some pictures to scrap with, I'm just excited to get OUT of the house again! LOL!

I just tidied up my scrap area.  Again.  I am hoping to order Disney pictures this weekend, and crossing fingers that they don't take too long to get here as Paper Issues is having an online crop in a few weeks and I am so looking forward to hitting up some challenges!!!

I created a layout a little while ago from a sketch from Paper Issues, it is one of my favorites and it doesn't even include my kiddos!!  A few old pictures of my late grandparents is all it took to pull this layout together.... sometimes I just love working with pictures of other people besides my 4 little minions!!!

Hope to get back on here soon with some new layouts or altered items, I found a few things while cleaning my space that I can't wait to doctor up a little bit ;)
Have a wonderful week everyone!!