Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The reason my blog is so quiet......

Braydon Jacob
April 29th, 2010
9lb 11oz, 21" long
Life has changed forever, yet again! Braydon made his way into this world via a scheduled c-section, surprising everyone with his size... I wasn't overly huge, after all... LOL! We came home from the hospital on May 1st, only to get a phone call the very next morning telling us we needed to go all the way back (2 hour trip) to the hospital due to an infection that showed up in Braydons bloodwork. We were there for 3 more days as he received antibiotics through an IV which was not pleasant for him or for me and daddy. At least I was able to stay right in the room with him again... but still, we were very very happy to come home after he was given the all clear. I sure missed my other babies while I was gone.....
The delivery/surgery for myself was routine (with a few complications I will admit), but I am having a harder recovery with this one than I had with my others... due to a lot of reasons, I think. So I am very glad that I decided to take a small leave of absence from my CT leader duties at LIITD. I am still on the team, on the forum, but as far as kit work goes, there is no way I could deal with deadlines right now. LOL!! Lori has been awesome as always, and I know I'll be back in the swing of things in no time, I can't wait to get scrapping again!!
Brayden is awesome, he is having a few troubles latching on properly but he is still eating well and is such a sweet, content little cutie pie. His sisters and his brother are all loving on him like mad, which is awesome to see.... much rather have that than jealousy!!
Anyhoo, I thought I better stop in here and leave an update... in case anyone still reads along! LOL!