Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yup it is SNOWING out. And not just snowing, but I can barely see down the street it's coming down so bad right now. Unbelievable. Actually, this is the norm for around these parts. I had Brayden on April 29th of 2010 and I remember it snowed while I was in the hospital..... We've also had snow in May.... but hopefully this is the last storm of this winter!

So I have started a new blog for our updates with Brayden.... not sure but I think you can find it linked to my username with this blog? Anyhoo, I won't be updating about him on here, I'll leave it all for that blog... and just keep using this one for crafty stuff and other fun stuff I might feel like sharing...

This layout I completed the other day when I was in need of some 'scrap therapy'. I opened up some of the new Echo Park 'For The Record' collection! Not sure how often I'll get new ones posted, but I will definately post when I can. :)

I hope your day is a much more beautiful one than it is around Snow Lake! LOL!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oh Sunday Sunday....

Welcome to another 'Chelsea's Picks' reveal for the month of April!! I decided to go with My Mind's Eye's 'Good Day Sunshine - Boy' paper pack. I was worried one small paper pack wouldn't be enough, I'm not used to having only one sheet each of any double sided paper... but it was perfect! The colors are perfect for those 'cool dude' layouts of your little boy, but work just fine for some girly layouts too!! But if you prefer, Lori also has the Girl collection in the store ;)

Here are my layouts and cards that I created using all of this yummy stuff!!

And now, here comes the very hard part... :(

I am very sad to say that I have accepted a leave of absence from the Creative Team here at LIITD, and this will be my last monthly reveal for awhile. Lori and Paul are so understanding and generous, and they have asked me if I would like a break until the New Year.

For those of you that only frequent the blog and not the forum to know my reasons, I will keep it brief. My youngest son, Brayden, was diagnosed with 2 congenital heart defects and congestive heart failure about 2 weeks ago, after fighting for months with the doctor to get him tested. He is turning a year old at the end of April, and otherwise is a very happy and amazing guy that just fills our house with nothing but sunshine. The next year will be full of ups and downs, surgery, doctors appointments, and a lot of travelling, as we live 7 hours away from Winnipeg where all of his testing needs to be done.

My family means the world to me, and they have to be my #1 priority in my life in every single way. Those extra moments I have on any given day need to be used to spend quality time with the older kids that are going to be feeling the effects of us being gone a lot, and just to let them know that I am here for them.

LIITD is my home away from home, I love everyone there.... and this has been a very very difficult decision to make. I will still be around, but without the commitments of the Creative Team. :) I hope that when this is all behind us, I can rejoin my special little 'family' and we can pick up where we are leaving off.

Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement, it means so much to me!!!

To Lori, Lisa & Amber.... thanks for everything, ladies.... you guys are wonderful and I am not even going to try and put into words how I feel about ya!!!!!

Now go and enjoy your family and friends, cherish your time together....