Sunday, April 18, 2010

Songs of Spring are in the air....

.... and at LIITD!!

Songs of Spring, the newest kit put together by Melanie Blackburn, was full of gorgeous, soft, spring colors with a fun splash of red... perfect combinations as always!! Pick it up FAST if you want to be sure you have it!!

My girls Amber, Lisa, Melissa and Cindy have all outdone themselves, showing the versatility of this kit as both for boy AND girl layouts, something important to a lot of us!! To see their work please click HERE! Great way to spend an afternoon with a cup of coffee or a glass of iced tea ;)

Please read the LIITD blog for an important message from Lori.... all I can say is, Mel, you are one of the biggest inspirations I have ever had in the scrapbooking world, even before I really got to know you... and I wish nothing but the best for you my friend. xoxoxoxox

I'll leave you with my creations with the Songs of Spring kit... but PLEASE jump on over to the gallery and take a stroll through all of the other ones too!!

Friday, April 16, 2010


I have totally been neglecting my blog, with no excuse other than I am tired and cranky and sore. LOL!!
Ok, let's see... what's new?
I'm finished work!

I only have 13 days until baby #4 is here!

I am loving being home with my kids!

I wish I could say I've been scrapping more since being done work but that just hasn't happened. We spent a whole week after I was done being sick, then spring break..... and I've been trying my best to get some big cleaning projects done and out of the way before I have no time on my hands. I'm very happy to say that most of them are DONE!!

Everything is ready for the little one to arrive, the kids are super excited, as are mommy and daddy :) Can't wait for it all to happen, not really the surgery part, that part I'll kinda ignore until that actual morning. LOL! Can't say I have ever been in this much pain before while pregnant so it's been pretty difficult the last month especially, and I'm very much looking forward to having my body back and feeling human again. April 29th is the big day, so you'll be seeing some new baby layouts soon enough! :)

I'll leave you this morning with just two layouts, like I said nothing much has been happening at the scrap table lately... but I have gotten a few things done. More to come Sunday ;)