Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Semi Formal!!

It's scary enough to say that I have a teenager...... but it's even more scary to see how grown up she and her friends looked all dressed up for semi formal this past weekend!!

I PROMISE that I will have more scrappy stuff to share SOON...
I have gone back to working full time after 2 years at home with my littlest guy, 
and it's been a very hard transition on everyone.
We'll get in the swing of things soon, though.

Monday, May 21, 2012

First Camping Weekend of 2012!!

It was a chilly one, ranging from +4 to +12 degrees Celcius, with some rain, some slight snow, and wind... but we still had a blast!  I was so worried about Brayden out there this year (hurricane Brayden who doesn't know how to sit still or stay out of things!!), but he was an angel!  Stayed in our lot, never wandered away, stayed away from the fire.  Perfect. :)

Sorry, no scrappiness to share yet.... hopefully be able to get some done this week while the kids are at school!!  But here are some pics from the weekend! :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I hope that everyone had a great Mothers Day!!  We spent the afternoon over at my mom and stepdads, celebrating both Mothers Day, and my sisters birthday.  We roasted hot dogs and bbq'd hamburgers, had some salad, some cupcakes.... it was a beautiful day and we had a great time!

Here are 4 of the greatest accomplishments in my life...

Brayden, who just turned 2 on April 29th....

Makenna, who is 6.5 years old....
(and getting a haircut tomorrow I promise)

Jackson, who is 9.5 years old....
(Not the best picture, but I'm just happy he lets me take them now)

And Tayla, my 13 year old.... ahhh the teen years....
(I'm sure she hates this picture but it's so her! LOL!)

I also just happened to have my camera in my hands when Jackson swooped in out of nowhere and planted a huge kiss on Brayden's head..... I am so happy I caught this moment in time, and I am so blessed to have children that even though there are years between them, love each other so intensely...
One of my all time favorite pictures....

Get out your camera, snap some pictures... don't let these little moments go by without recording them....

Friday, May 11, 2012

I am so excited!!!!

This isn't even MY news, but I want to share it anyways!!!!

Love is in the Details, is moving!!!!!  Yes, MOVING!  To Winkler!  

Check out the blog post HERE for further details......

Congratulations to Lori, Paul, and Chantal on making such a great move... I can't wait to see the new store in person, hopefully as soon as possible!!!  :)
I really think I am loving MME's Miss Caroline lines wayyyy too much, but honestly... is that possible?  Hopefully not!  This is one of my favorites, Dilly Dally.  Very cute boy colors!!!  All of the accessories for these lines are super cute, and it's hard not to use all of them on one layout. LOL!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's a beautiful morning, sun is shining, and I'm in a great mood!  Let's all cross our fingers that it stays that way on all counts. ;)

Sat at the scrappy table last night until I couldn't see anymore (still no power to that area of the livingroom, 2 electricians are baffled, waiting on a 3rd to be able to squeeze us in) and created this layout for my May challenge at LIITD!  I used a beautiful color palette that I found on Pinterest!

Now I'm in a dilemma.... keep diving into my new goodies from the store and take advantage of the sunshine and bright working area until the sun goes down again, or clean my house and rake my lawn.  Hmmmm I think I know what will win. ;)

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Whoops!  It's been a few weeks, I know....  and I am so sad to say that I have nothing new scrappy-wise to show you.  Instead I'll show you why there has been no scrapping going on.

This is all because of the fact that we have to bail our window well out every single year,
the basement has gotten water numerous times...
and after gutting and renovating the WHOLE basement this past summer,
this was the best option rather than risk it happening again.

Our yard was VERY unlevel, and it sloped towards the house instead of away from the house.
The town sidewalks tipped towards the house at a scary angle after years of neglect.
So we ripped them all out (got permission first), and also took out all of the other
cement in the backyard. LOL!!
 Added a whole bunch of more clay, it's now been spread around and looks more level already....

 Now this picture is an update, we now have gravel from that front big tree, all the way to the garage.
It doesn't look too homey and cozy, but.... 
I am hoping to spruce it up with some nice patio stones for the bbq, walkway to the garage, etc.
So yeah.... this is my yard right now. Don't be jealous.