Thursday, March 19, 2015

Another day off of work due to town water issues... while the day off (paid!) is nice, it's also becoming a pain in the rear end it's happening so often these days.  Oh well, I got my oldest daughters room spring cleaned since she left for a trip this morning, smells so much better in there!! LOL!

Tomorrow, is our annual cordwood curling bonspiel for grades 1-6.  Super fun for the kids, and I only have one in that age group right now so I'll enjoy not having to be there the ENTIRE time. ;)  It goes tomorrow for a few hours, then Saturday for a good part of the day but will be done before supper.  Which is great. 


This weekend there's an online crop at Paper Issues!!  It's been great getting to know these awesomely fun ladies the last few months, and I am looking forward to a TON of challenges, and I'm sure a lot of chatting and laughs too!!!  Go HERE to join up!!!  

There's a real life crop in about a month put on by Lori and friends at Love is in the Details, but I just can't make the trip down right now... :(  Hopefully next year I'll be back there to see everyone!!!

I can't show you anything new right now.  Cuz, well, I haven't done anything since my last post.  I'm saving up my mojo for tomorrow night. ;)  Hope you can find time to check out the online crop and have a lot of fun!!

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