Thursday, February 5, 2015

Seriously? It's February already?

We have been without a laptop for well over a month now, and that is the main reason that my blog is so dead in the water.  It's hard to make a blog post from an ipod, not even an ipAd, but an ipod.  It's all I have right now at home, but hopefully our laptop will be back in working order by next week and I can start the ball really rolling again!!

In the meantime, I am happy to say that our Disney trip (me, Makenna, and my Aunt) went AMAZINGLY well.  Kenna had a permagrin on her face, as did I, until we left and I was in tears waiting for our bus.  We missed having my mom with us (she is in the middle of chemo treatments and couldn't go) but we took tons of pictures for her to look through and we kept her updated daily on how things were going and what things were Makenna's favorites!!  Dari was definately on our shoulders the entire trip, sprinkling pixie dust, good weather, and fun times on us......  Now it will be another 4 years minimum until I can take Brayden, and this time I think we'll go back to Disneyland for him to be able to see Cars Land!!

I do have a layout to post that I didn't have on here yet, one of the pictures from our photosession I did with the kids in the fall... loved using up some of my stash to hopefully make room for some new stuff soon!  So much from CHA that I was in love with!!!!