Sunday, August 29, 2010


The surprise was on EVERYONE this morning at Love is in the Details.... LOL!
Every Sunday, one of the Creative Team members reveals their work with their 'Monthly Picks' from the LIITD store. Well, August has 5 Sundays and so for today, Lori worked her butt off the last month and revealed an ONLINE CROP!!! It starts today and runs right until September 26th, so you have plenty of time to get the challenges done!!! Even the CT didn't know about this little surprise ahead of time, I'm really not sure how she didn't spill the beans. LOL!!
Here is Lori's BLOG POST for you to check out... and you can click on her links to get to the LIITD Message Board and Online Crop forum which will have all of the rules and regulations, and of course all NINE of her challenges that she is issuing..... And yeah, as always, Lori is throwing out some FAB-U-LOUS prizes to win!!!!!
Come on out and take part in this month long event, join the message board and open up a gallery... we would love to see some new faces as well as all of our regulars taking part! (for those that aren't members of the forum, Lori has listed ways for you to take part too!!)
On your mark, get set... and SCRAP!!! Hope to see you around!!
p.s.... next week is already the first Sunday in September, and I might have a little something up my sleeve to show you ;)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

August Kit Scrumptiousness!!!

It's that time again! Went through the LIITD store and it took me awhile to decide what to work with this month, because there is just SOOOO much that I love in stock. LOL!! What I decided to work with was mainly the Bo Bunny Flower Child line. So bright, very vibrant... totally me :)

Here is a complete list of my picks!!!

Die Cut Paper - BB - Flower Child - Peace - #10948
Patterned Paper - BB - Flower Child - Free Bird - #10941
Maya Mist - Metallic - Blue Raspberry - #MR721
Self Adhesive Jewels - Tangerine Blast - #BL538
Patterned Paper - BB - Flower Child - Groovy - #10943
Chipboard - BB - 12 x 12 - Flower Child - #10949
Flowers - BB - Flower Child - #10953
Patterned Paper - BB - Flower Child - #10938
Patterned Paper - BB - Flower Child - Aquarius - #10939
Patterned Paper - BB - Flower Child - Cut Outs - #10940
Patterned Paper - BB - Flower Child - Far Out - #10942
Patterned Paper - BB - Flower Child - Harmony - #10944
Patterned Paper - BB - Flower Child - Hippy - #10946
Patterned Paper - BB - Flower Child - Love Beads - #10945
Patterned Paper - BB - Flower Child - Stripe - #10947

I did a few layouts, and then a card and a little canvas door hanger for my oldest daughter....

These papers are great for layering, because the flowers are screaming for you to cut them out and pop dot them on top of the other papers... give it a try!!!

I hope you enjoyed this months picks from the entire LIITD Creative Team!! Stay tuned for the next round of picks starting on September 5th.... and I believe that yours truly is up first! LOL!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another Year Older

Yup that's me! My birthday today... and I'm not going to tell you how old I am. LOL! It's funny how for so long I have felt the same age, which isn't an 'old' feeling, it's more of an 'I can't believe I'm already this age' feeling. I don't feel my age. At least I don't feel how I THOUGHT I should feel at this age, if that makes sense. When I was 18 and partying in the bar (yes, I did that from time to time... lol) I would look at all of the moms in there that were the age I am now, and think OMG are they ever old, what are they doing in the bar still?!?! And here I am, THAT old. Only I feel like I just graduated highschool yesterday. Far from it......

So anyways.... I'm having lunch out with my 'significant other' today while my mom watches all of the kids. And that's about it until tomorrow when we're having the whole family out to the campground for some ribs and corn on the cob and pickeral cheeks!

I've been getting some scrapping done, nothing I can share just yet... but check back on August 22nd for a little something from me :)

I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!!