Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I think my scrapping days are on hold for awhile.... as much as I hate to do it. :(

Brayden has been scheduled for his first heart surgery on June 27th... after a few months of waiting and pushing and waiting some more, we were given this date just this past Friday! Talk about moving quick once they finally got it going.

So now I have 8 sleeps to get everything ready for us, for Brayden, and for the other 3 kids to be at my moms for who knows how long.... 8 sleeps isn't a lot of time. LOL!! We'll be leaving Snow Lake on the 22nd, flying to Edmonton on the 23rd, pre-op and another test on the 24th, take the weekend to ourselves maybe walk around the mall ;) and then surgery on Monday the 27th. If you want to skip on over to the other blog I have just for him, please feel free... it will be updated as we go through this surgery and recovery!