Saturday, March 26, 2011

Little Brayden Update

So we went down to Winnipeg last Sunday, and had Braydens cardiologist appointment on Monday.... the tests were fast and we didn't have to wait long for the doctor, so we figured it was good news. It was not good news. We were kind of blown out of the water.
Brayden was diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease and Congestive Heart Failure. He has 2 defects, one in his aorta and one in his mitral valve. This has also affected his lungs and has caused his heart to enlarge. We are now waiting on a call from Winnipeg to head back down for a CT scan to confirm the aortal defect and once that is finished, they will book the first surgery in Edmonton or Vancouver, probably Edmonton. There will probably be at least one more surgery to follow, if not more.
We are overwhelmed, in shock, and just sad that we didn't get better results. I had prepared myself for the possibility of surgery but this was even worse than I had prepared myself for. However, we have amazing support from all of our family and friends, and Brayden is a trooper and I know that in the end, he will get better and we will all be ok. His health and well being is being FIRST in all of our decisions from here on out.
Please send all of your prayers and love to this little peanut as we embark on a very scary and unknown journey..... thank you everyone!!!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oh how I love Sundays..... because every Sunday at Love is in the Details, a different Creative Team member has their own special reveal. Even though we aren't working with 'kits' exactly, we are still working with what we call 'our picks' each month. Sometimes it's brand new stuff, sometimes it's older product that we want to bring out and show what it can do....
For the month of March, I chose October Afternoon's Schoolhouse line.... and in the end, only one layout was really using a 'school' picture. LOL! The colors were fantastic, I absolutely adored working with them for both boy AND girl layouts. Here is what I managed to create with this awesome line.....
My friend Kelly sent me this picture of her littlest girl on picture day last year!
It's so hard to believe that my little Makenna has started Kindergarten... and she is loving it...

Jackson tried SOOOO very hard to pull the sword from the stone at Disneyland!

My oldest daughter, Tayla, is an amazing big sister to Brayden.... she is a little mother, and adores looking after him and playing with him!!

This is another friends little girl named Calyn, she is so adorable.... I am loving doing a few layouts of her now and then....
Thanks for taking a peek!!!
I would highly recommend purchasing these papers..... you won't regret it!!!
I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, and has an even better week ahead!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Stuck on the couch

Happy Friday everyone! I am chillaxin on my couch this afternoon, after my mom kidnapped the 2 kids that are home in the afternoons.... I am not feeling well at all, so I can't even take this time to scrap. :( But thank goodness for laptops, I can at least surf the net!!

I have a 'recipe challenge' up at LIITD for the month of March, if you want to take part just hop on over HERE and take a stab at it! The picture is from when I took my Tayla to her very first concert, Justin Bieber of course! LOL! She had a blast, it was a fantastic trip with her and my niece, me and Brayden.... very quick but the look on their faces during the show was well worth the 14 hour round trip drive!!

Amber also has a sketch challenge, and Lisa will be posting another new one tomorrow! Always something to check out!!

Lori is starting to list some new items on the shopping page so you might want to check it out early and often, as things seem to fly right out of my cart if I'm not quick enough! LOL!!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, whatever you do... have fun!!