Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some moments are special...

.... simply because they exist.

Such a simple phrase, but holds a whole bunch of emotion for me. Braydens surgery has given him a new lease on life, he is a completely different boy (but still very much the same if that makes any sense).... and his energy and enthusiasm for life and for learning new things on a daily basis astounds me. A few short months ago, he was using every single ounce of energy he had just to live.... and now he can use that energy to eat like a pig, run around like superman, and oh boy... is he ever giving me a run for my money. I love it. I love him.

I am grateful to the doctors who finally listened to me and diagnosed his Congenital Heart Disease and his Congenital Heart Failure, I am grateful to the amazing surgeon in Edmonton who fixed his aorta and against the odds managed to save his valve and give him better odds for future surgeries. I am grateful to have my sweet little monkey happy and 'well'. Yes, we've had a few glitches in recovery, but they are truly minor. I know we are extremely lucky that it was not anything more serious than it was. My heart goes out to all of those whose children don't have the positive outcome that we had, and who spend a majority of their lives in and out of hospitals and surgeries. Your little heart warriors are always on my mind.....

So yes, this layout..... is about enjoying the moments in life that sometimes get taken for granted. A fun day of swimming in a pool with Daddy, something so small... yet something so big....

Based on Sketchy Thursdays 8.25 sketch

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Felt a little scrappy tonight!

Life has been pretty busy the last few weeks! Unfortunately our whole basement flooded, forcing us to rip about 70% of it out right to the cement foundation. :( This was SO not what we needed right now (or ever) with everything that we've been dealing with this year. BUT, things could still be worse and I tell myself that every single day. We have been sleeping out in the camper for the last 3+ weeks (me, my boyfriend, and 2 of the kids) because we lost the use of our bedrooms as they were in the basement. Let me tell you one thing... I love camping, but I am SO sick of sleeping in my camper. LOL!!! A few more weeks and we SHOULD be back into the house. I can't wait.

So scrapping hasn't been happening... until tonight. I thought I'd take advantage of having a few of the kids in bed early and the man at work, and see what I could do! I went to one of my favorite scrappy challenge sites, Sketchy Thursdays and checked out their weekly sketch, got some ideas, and went to work!

This is my finished layout, a few pics of my boy from Legoland last fall in California.... I laughed so hard every time I went to take a picture of him. My normally shy and quiet guy who really disliked having his picture taken, started posing for each and every picture I took! He fit the pose to what the situation was, and it was hysterical. LOL!! These were just 3 of probably 100 pictures of him posing... :)

Colors are a bit off, as it's night time and I don't want to wait until the morning to snap an outdoor pic... ;)

I hope everyone is enjoying what is left of the summer, and having some great weather!!!