Sunday, August 11, 2013

Remember me?

Well, over 5 months later... and having had to actually find the link to my own blog... here I am again. LOL!

How have the last 5 months been?  Well, difficult.  But, we are trudging through. :)

My scrapping has still been at a stand still, although I DID just complete 3 layouts in the last week or so that although aren't the best ever, they are still completed layouts.  So I am proud of that.

My family, is good.  We are all battling our second round of colds this summer, nothing is worse than a cold in the summertime, especially when ours are so short!!  The kids are enjoying the summer and aren't exactly counting down the days until school like I am. ;)

My sister, is a fighter.  First chemo didn't work, second chemo didn't work, and she is now on her 3rd kind (a 2 parter) that has to have her in the city for one full week, then back home, then to Flin Flon for a day, then back home, then back to Wpg, etc.  She is one busy lady and I can't say that I have seen anyone remain so positive through all that she has had to deal with.  She has been fighting with everything that she has, and I am so insanely proud of her. It's been a roller coaster of emotions for the entire family, and at one point her doctors just gave up and we were trying to come to terms with that when a new doctor stepped in and said she didn't want to give up and wanted to try the 3rd chemo.  Bless her....  While the outlook remains uncertain, my sister feels better pain wise than she has for a long time, she can finally walk up and down the stairs again, cook in her own home, and be with her kids without laying in a bed for close to 24 hours/day.

I get terrified, sad, angry, and there are days that it STILL doesn't seem real.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers..... she needs them all.

Because every day of cloudiness deserves some sunshine, I will add on my layouts to put a positive note to this post. :)  I just wanted to give an update for anyone that may have been wondering......

Again, thank you for anyone that has been saying prayers, throwing positive thoughts my sisters way.... keep it up......