Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy Monday!

I remember growing up, we didn't do a whole lot on Spring Break, aside from maybe a trip to the Grandparents.  I always wanted to do more with my kids but turns out I forgot the little part of being a working parent, and it's not always so easy to get time off. lol  So here we are, Spring Break, and just sticking around home.  Hopefully the weather won't get too crummy (we still have a lot of snow, and it's supposed to snow this week some more!), and the kids can at least play outside with their friends.....

The online crop at Paper Issues is over, and I had a great time.  Wonderful women, crafty and funny as can be!!!!  I hope everyone that took part, no matter what they accomplished, had as much fun as I did!  Here are a few more of the layouts I did up for some of the challenges....

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