Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh what a week....

My sweet little Brayden... From birth I have had concerns over his rapid heart rate and his obvious struggles with his breathing and the fact that he couldn't do more than a breath or two without grunting. The doctor dismissed it not once, not twice, but at least three times that I had gone in and asked him if it was normal and should be looked into.

Finally last week, after chatting to a few friends online and hearing their concerns, I took him in on Thursday to the other doctor, and asked him to listen to his heart and breathing. He decided to do an oxygen saturation test and his levels came back below 90 with no sign of cold or chest congestion. He then decided to do xrays and that xray showed the good possibility of an enlarged heart.

Friday, they called me and asked me to bring Brayden in for an EKG, which he was an angel for. These results along with the xrays, were sent down to the big city, which is 7 hours away. We spent the whole weekend worrying and wondering and trying to prepare ourselves for anything. It was a rough weekend... :(

Finally yesterday, I went in and talked to them about it to see what we were to do next. They said that the doctor in the city wanted Brayden to wear a Holter monitor for 24 hours, but they weren't positive they could do it here in our small town, they have never done one on an infant here before. However, we were reassured by the xray tech that travels in once/week that she could bring one in for him and we could do it here. So tomorrow afternoon, he will be having his placed on and hopefully he will be a good boy and leave all the wires alone for 24 hours. LOL!!!

After this, we don't know what will come next. I suppose it depends on the results and how the doctor in the city feels about it all put together. I just want answers, and I want to know what we are going to have to do with him... whether it be medicine, surgery, or by some miracle we get a clean bill of health report. In the end, it doesn't matter what they tell me, I just want answers, because the not knowing and the wondering is eating this momma alive.

So for anyone reading this, and believes in the power of prayer... or even just the power of positive thinking, we could use a lot of them in the next little while as we wait for results and deal with what may or may not lie ahead of us.

Brayden is such a happy, sweet, loveable little guy. He is still smiling, he is still showing us every day how amazing he is. I don't ever want that to change.


  1. big hugs to you, and Brayden. I will pray hard for him. Love to all.

  2. aww ~ what a lil cutie ~ my heart is with you chickie ~ big hugz and prayers