Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm so excited!!

In March, I will be taking a fantastic road trip with Lori (head honcho of LIITD) and Lisa (fellow consipirator at LIITD) to Edmonton... As if that wasn't going to be fun enough as it is, we are going to Memories Wholesale Convention!!! Why am I excited? We're not going to be the only ones there. Mr. Tim Holtz will also be there!! SOOOO thrilled that she asked me to go with her!!! I can't wait to head on down south and pick up the girls and do some road tripping ;)

And there are only 15 spots left at the annual spring crop at LIITD held in Miami, MB. This years theme is LAS VEGAS, baby!!!! It's even inspired my boyfriend and I to look into a trip to Vegas in the fall ;) If you want to sign up for the crop, here is the info >>>>>>> RIGHT HERE!!!

I think that is all for today... I'll leave you with another cutesy layout of that precious little Calyn that I scrapped the other day...

1 comment:

  1. how exciting ~ a road trip with the chickies and seeing TH! hope you have a rawkin time!

    and your lo chickie..such a darlin photo..and wuv wuv wuv that cluster in the corner