Monday, March 4, 2013

A little too quiet around here!

In reality, there has been just TOO much going on....  

One of the huge changes that I have decided to make in 2013 so far, was to sadly step down from the LIITD Creative Team.  It was a decision that had me on the verge of tears (ok ok, some actually fell) because this has been my home away from home for many years now.....  I believe it was 7 years I was on the team, and something so dear to me was something that was very hard to let go.  But, life goes on....  I just have found it so very hard to focus on work, and home, and fitting so many hours in the day.  My scrapping was always a way for me to work through emotions and let my creative juices flow.  However, I found it harder and harder to find the time..... things pop up in life that make you take a step back and reassess your time.

I will still call LIITD home, and won't be going anywhere really.... and I hope that in time, I can get back to scrapping more regularly.  Little monkey makes it difficult that's for sure... but I wouldn't have it any other way. :)  Huge thanks to Lori, Lisa, and Norine.... for being a wonderful team of not only scrappers, but friends too.

Something else that really made me stop in my tracks and think about my time and what I wanted to do with it, was the stunning news our family received regarding my sister.  She had been sick for a long time, longer than she should have been, but we didn't know why....  I would say 9 months went by before we finally got the news that no, it wasn't a messed up sciatica, but instead, cancer.  That dreaded word, that I never thought would EVER hit so close to home, that I would never ever wish upon anyone, had decided to be a stow away in my sisters body.  That news shook me so hard I couldn't breathe, couldn't sleep, and was in a zombie state for a few days while we processed it.  I can't even imagine how she was feeling.... 

But, my sister is strong, she is stubborn (we come by it honestly, believe me), and she is persistent and remaining positive...  The future looks wonderful, her treatment has already begun and she is already starting to feel better than she has for a long time.  I can't wait to have her back in town so I can make her suppers and go and bug her on a daily basis.....  She's been in the city for almost a month now, but should be home soon.  Please help me pray for her healing, and for the next 6 months go by without incident and that she gets an awesome report when all is said and done.... 

So basically, life is short.  If you aren't happy, then change something.  If you are angry at someone, let it go. Life is too short and we are reminded of this time and time again.  Every time I start to take things for granted, God decides to slam something in my face to say WAKE UP and be grateful for what you have, and work to make everyone else realize the same thing.  I'm doing my best.

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  1. Wow, Chelsea, I am just reading this now.
    ... HUGE HUGS to you.