Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January I Heart Faces Contest!

January Photo Contest at I Heart Faces is...

The Best Face of 2012

Sounds easy enough, but it is VERY VERY difficult choosing one of your favorite pictures in the last year.
I had a few that stuck out for me.  I went with this one because I just find my youngest sons facial expressions absolutely hilarious.  He is the funniest little kid that I have ever met, and I have 4 of them. LOL!

This child was suffering greatly 2 years ago, in congestive heart failure with such an enlarged heart, insane blood pressure, and our doctors here couldn't figure out that it was more than a cold.

One open heart surgery later (and many days of medication that will continue forever) and this is what we have.... :)

Photo Challenge Submission


  1. I LOVE THIS!!! It's a GREAT conversion, the eye contact with the camera is GREAT...but that expression is TO DIE FOR! :D What a HANDSOME little honey! LOVE IT!

  2. Oh my gosh! This is so cute. I absolutely LOVE it! Everything about it is adorable. Love the expression. Love the tie. Love it all! I know what you mean about being hard to pick! It seems overwhelming when you look at all the choices, doesn't it?

  3. Such a cute expression! I have two boys myself and they are wrapped around my finger.