Monday, June 25, 2012

Lost Treasure!

I’ve mentioned before how hard it sometimes is to find something in this little town suitable to alter… so when I happen to find something in my own home that I have forgotten about, and nobody wants it anymore… it’s pretty exciting. LOL!
This little chessboard/gameboard measures about 9″ square, has a removable lid, and had dividers inside for other game pieces. Nobody has every played with it, some of the pieces were missing, so I put it into the ‘Chelsea Pile’ to see what I could do with it.
I brought home some of the ‘This & That Graceful’ line from Echo Park (by Lori Whitlock) because I really fell in love with it while at the store for the Grand Reopening weekend. I thought I would try and turn it into a little pretty keepsake box for Makenna to put into her bedroom for all of the little notes she brings home from school from her friends.
Items Used: Bingo Paper, Dots Paper, Lace Paper, Quilt Paper, Element Stickers, Alpha Stickers and then some glue, some popdots, some scissors, and some ribbon…. that’s all it took, and I love the end result.
She absolutely loves it.  Her favorite part is the little sticker die cut in the corner, because I have sung ‘You are my sunshine’ to all of my kiddos while they are growing up.

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