Monday, March 26, 2012

Might I add....

I forgot to post this at the same time it was on the LIITD blog.... so I will share it with you all now instead. This is why I bought the Teresa Collins line 'Everday Moments'. The second I saw a sneak peek of it from CHA, I told Lori I wanted it to do a mini album about Braydens surgery.

Some people might question why I needed to do this, why would I want to remind myself? Well, it happened. I can’t pretend it didn’t, nor do I want to. It was quite possibly the biggest event in my life next to the births of my children. I want to be able to pull out this album when Brayden is older and say ‘Look how strong you were, little man… look what you went through and you did it smiling and laughing.’ If he has to have another surgery, he will be better prepared for it through these pictures, and sometimes the reminder of what made us stronger is a good thing.

The day of surgery....
Seeing B in the PICU for the first time, he spent 2 nights in there before being moved.

The nurse had been giving him sucks of water through a sponge, and he darn near ate the sponge off of the stick, so she decided that maybe we could try some juice to quench his thirst. He freaking loved it.
Moved into the 'ICE' step down unit, and then into his own semi-private room, both rooms had a spot where one of us could stay the night, so we took turns.
His recovery was insane, I was just blown away at how quickly they bounce back... the picture on the left is less than a week after his surgery. And the one on the right is just a short while ago.
We just had his 6 month checkup in February, and were given wonderful news that we don't have to take him back for a full year as he is doing so well.... unless something happens before then that concerns us.
Way to go, little monkey... you are a fighter, a spit fire, a holy terror, and an angel all wrapped up in one.
Love you.


  1. Chelsea, this scrapbook is INCREDIBLE. I can guarantee you that Brayden is going to treasure this one day. Well done, you.

  2. I love this mini album Chelsea! It's important and I am glad you made this for you as well as B.

  3. beautiful mini it's so important to capture all the memories.

  4. The album is awesome but your story is so touching. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  5. This scrapbook brought me to tears. I have a baby boy too and my heart goes out to you and your strength. Thank you for sharing this. I agree that it will be a treasure to look back on and show how strong he was. Best to you and your family.