Friday, December 16, 2011

Sorry, Peeps!!!!

I was whipped so hard I have whiplash to get this blog updated... Internet Explorer wouldn't let me on, so I downloaded Google Chrome and it logged me in first try! YAY!!

So, almost 2 months has passed since I last blogged... what's been going on? Hmmm getting ready for Christmas, which includes shopping and baking and wrapping and hiding stuff and lying to my kids.... what about you? LOL!

I've gotten a little bit creative as well, you can find anything that I do for LIITD on the site's blog, which Lori has been updating DAILY for the month of December with some amazing Christmas ideas and some stories as well. I love her posts, especially in December... please hop on over and check them out, I promise you won't be disappointed. :)

We have welcomed Norine onto the LITTD Creative Team as well! Super excited, I have always loved Norine's style and the amazing creations she has shown us over time. Nola has also taken a bigger part on the CT, and I am just thrilled to be around such great gals. :)

Hmmm ok, so this is still acting wonky for me and won't let me turn words into links... So I will totally archaic and put some ACTUAL links for you to follow... I can just hear the gasps from everyone right now, including Lori... (I'm working on it, lady, give me time haha!!)





I am getting scrappy this weekend, as a matter of fact... and will have something to show you SOON, I promise!! Hope everyone is having a fun time getting ready for the holidays... and remember, it's not about how many gifts you give or get, it's about spending time with those you love and making new memories....

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