Sunday, December 18, 2011

One Week Left!!!!

I honestly can't believe it's Christmas one week from today.... in one week we will be knee deep in shredded wrapping paper and tossed aside bows. All of the hard work of wrapping will be ignored by the little creatures that find joy in tearing apart works of art.... Are you ready? I am :)

I had the kids outside in the snow yesterday... all of the kids. Why is this so special you might wonder? People have their kids out in the snow all of the time... what's the big deal?

#1. December in Snow Lake, Manitoba is generally kicking anywhere from around -20 to -40 degrees Celcius. Lately it has been an average of -10, and who doesn't want to take advantage of that?!?!

#2. Doing laundry for 6 people generally takes up a good portion of my weekends. This weekend, I got it all done on Friday so that I could boycott the washer the rest of the weekend and have some fun with the kids.

#3. Brayden hasn't been 'allowed' to play outside in the winter yet. Last winter he was too young, not walking, and very sick for almost 6 weeks through Christmas time before we finally got to the bottom of things. This winter his immune system isn't yet back up to par after his heart surgery, so he has been sick pretty much every 2nd week since September. Well, right now he is HEALTHY... Ok, so a slight runny nose but otherwise he's good to go, and it has been almost 6 months exactly from his surgery so his immune system is almost back to 'normal'. He has energy, and he loves burning that energy. I bundled him up in his snowsuit, and we all took off outside to play on the huge snow hill on our street. The joy in his eyes was amazing, he loves the snow and loves the cool air. It was a GOOD day.

I even managed to get a picture of my beautiful kiddos up on top of the snow hill. They ALL looked at me. At the same time. I know, it's a miracle... a Christmas miracle....

Aren't they just amazing? :) Tayla is 13 in March, Jackson turned 9 in November, Makenna turned 6 in November, and Brayden will be hitting the big 2 in April. I'm a proud mom, and truly blessed and extremely grateful for what I have.....

Sorry, no scrappy goodness to show you today, I just wanted to show off my kids :) LOL!!! I'll be back soon with some crafty stuff. ;)

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