Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Lovin'... Having me a blast!

School is still in session so it's not officially 'summer' yet, but we sure are enjoying some beautiful weather for once! I took the kids to the beach yesterday, and am hoping to get there today as well! I hope you are having some great rays of sun hitting your face too!!

Last weekend my sister and I (along with my little monkey Brayden and my oldest dd Tayla) went down to Miami, MB... home of Love is in the Details... for the annual spring crop! This year the theme was a cruise, and Lori and her cronies had every little detail planned to make you feel like you WERE heading some place tropical!! Her details are amazing, and I hope everyone that attended noticed them....

We arrived and were handed our boarding passes on a lanyard and a handmade itinerary... and we headed to our assigned 'cabin' where there was a tape runner waiting for us, as well as whatever goodies we MAY have ordered ahead of time ;) LOL!

There were 3 sketches that we could complete for a chance to win some fabulous prizes, as well as 2 different prize draws. What Lori does is give out little gift certificates to the LIITD store... and you could either use them at the store, or this year you had another option of putting them into the prize draws instead, and however much was in the pot at the end of the day, LIITD matched that amount and is donating that to the Childrens Wish Foundation ($250) and Breast Cancer Research ($300). Pretty remarkable, that's for sure. Kudos to you for doing this, it's a very great thing!!!

The meals were most excellent, I had taken little munchies and goodies to snack on throughout the day, but I didn't even open them there was so much food to eat!! Homemade lunch and supper, Timmies for breakfast... nothing beats that!! And heck, we even had cabana boys serving us drinks in the afternoon at snack time!!

I had so much fun visiting and scrapping. I haven't been able to do anything for ME scrapwise for 2 months now, if not more.... so it was awesome to sit and relax and get FIVE layouts done just for moi!! :) I'll leave you with what I got done at the crop.... and if you want to see pictures from the crop that Lori has up on the LIITD blog, please head HERE!!!!!!!

Thank you once again to Lori and her cabin crew for everything... your hospitality, your humor, your love of the craft and every detail in it astounds me and keeps me wanting to come back year after year.... :)

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