Monday, June 21, 2010

Camping without fire?

Yup, that's what we have to do right now! The forest is SO dry, there is really no rain in sight that will do much for soaking the ground (come on Southern Manitoba, send us your rain, we will GLADLY take it!!).... there are already forest fires burning throughout the province.

So last week they issued a ban on all outdoor fires, even in campgrounds. For that reason (and because there were lots of worms hanging from the trees right now LOL) we didn't go camping this past weekend... We do most of our cooking over the open fire, and that's what I love to do, is to sit around a gorgeous fire....

Instead we just headed out for the afternoon, brought the boat with us and did a little bit of tubing and cruising around to see the cabins along the lakeshore. What a great way to spend Fathers Day... as it was my boyfriends first real and true Fathers Day. :)

I managed to snap a very few pictures, and this one of my Makenna makes me smile. My kids love it at the campground, they are so free and relaxed... here she is chillaxin' in the hammock with her blanket, with a look of pure content on her beautiful face!

Here is a closeup of my butterflies... I sprayed them with some Maya Mist, the bottom one was carnation pink, but the top one was the one that blew me away... I believe it was charcoal... and I wasn't expecting the glittery shine that I got from it! Absolutely gorgeous!! I don't have a lot of these yet but they are on my 'want' list ;)

I hope everyone has a great week!!

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  1. She is so adorable...and looks so cozy in the hammock!!! Beautiful page, the mist looks fantastic!