Friday, August 5, 2016

Getting a little Moody!!

Do you love Mary-Ann Coulter Maldonado's mood boards as much as I do??!!  I don't know how she does it every single time, but I love the boards more and more each time she puts together another masterpiece.  So much inspiration to work with!

To me the board wasn't just about transportation.  It was full of days gone by, of old things we remember being a huge beautiful part of our lives.  So, when I started my layout I went with the black and white and a touch of color effect... and used an old picture of my brother and sister and I.  Layouts with her in them are sometimes pretty hard for me to get finished, so this one was no different and I had to eventually call it DONE and move on.

This Simple Stories paper that I chose isn't showing in the store anymore and I don't even remember ordering it... but I'm sure glad I did.  

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