Monday, May 16, 2016

Save the Drama for your Mama

Hello and welcome to my drama!!  Actually, I must admit my mama has no drama.  She is quiet, calm, and strong as hell.  A year to the day that we lost my sister to cancer, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  A long hard year of surgery, radiation, and chemo finished up recently with her smiling through it all, thankful that she is still with us and that her story so far has turned out good.

The theme of 'Save the Drama for your Mama' could have encompassed a lot of things.  Large photos, large titles, dramatic elements, tv dramas, a layout about your mom and what she has taught you, etc., or just using the super cute llama card from Paper Issues.  I chose my mom.  Because she honestly deserves the spotlight!

She has some very dear friends who helped her through the battle, and this one in the picture with her was at the top of the list.  They are camping buddies (hello happy hour!) and I know that with her, my mom always has someone to count on.....

Details for entering this months issue can be found HERE on the PI blog!  Check it out!

Recognize the fossilized papers?  Scenic Route, baby.  I'm depleting my stash to make room for new goodies!  The enamel dots and wood veneer however, came from the PI store, and you can shop 'til you drop with 20% off for using the code 'Chelsea'.

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