Monday, June 15, 2015

Um hi.

So if someone can be a gem, and start a fundraising campaign for me so that I can buy myself a new laptop, that would be swell.  This whole ipod thing is REALLY getting old.  Not only for blogging, but the weather is finally nice and we're getting outside and I've been finally taking pictures again and I can't even freaking edit them.  Seriously losing my editing skills in this 'no laptop' time of my life.

Just sayin'.

So when the man is nightshift, I try to get to the scrap table.  He's nightshift this set, so guess what I did?  Yes, I did.

I created this layout with nothing in mind but having fun and using up some more of my Color Chaos from Bella Blvd.  I didn't buy lots of it, I swear, but I sure am doing a bang up job of stretching it as far as I can!  I also brought out the Invisibles that I purchased that I got and wasn't quite sure what to do with them.  I think it turned out ok. ;)

Our town is being infested with nasty army worms, aka tent caterpillars.... and if they keep climbing up my house and all over my yard, I might be able to get to the table again before the man is nightshift again.  I hate these things, and I can feel them crawling all over me just thinking about them.  

Hope everyone has a wonderful week, get outside and enjoy any nice weather you have....and do something kind for someone that isn't expecting it. :)

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