Sunday, August 12, 2012

Echo Park Chipboard Album!!

Welcome to another Scrappy Sunday!! I was thrilled to open my box from Lori last week, and find my new Echo Park mini albums inside!! These albums are SO cute, they are only 3 heavy duty pages, but they each have a slideout on them that allow you to double up how many pictures you put in the whole album!! Very cool....  Please click on the pictures to view in larger size!

I decided to use mine to make a wedding gift for my friends, I had the honor of helping to photograph her wedding recently.  Beautiful bride, makes beautiful pictures.  And the colors in this Echo Park Eclectic paper pack were PERFECT for her wedding colors!!!

I kept the front title page simple but elegant....

The 'tops' of the pages I have left room for her to add a few pictures of her own choosing once she gets some printed off......

But here is the fun part!!  I did put pictures in all of the slideouts!!!

They are perfectly sized for 4x6 photos.  And at first I wondered if the pictures would get caught or scratched pulling the sliders in and out, but so far they have been just fine....

And if you have a picture that isn't quite 4x6 in size, just matte it on some paper, but make sure the paper isn't too heavy or thick!

I really do love how these papers go with the bridesmaid dresses.... pulls it all together nicely!

I didn't go hog wild with the embellishments and extra things that would distract from the pictures.  This isn't for me, it's for the bride and groom to keep, so I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, but still have things on each page to accentuate the pictures and make it pretty to look at.  I hope that she has fun choosing a few more pictures to add onto each page, and can't wait to see it after she finishes it off!!  But most of all, I hope that they both live... HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!!

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