Sunday, July 22, 2012

So I found an old accordian album that I had done in October, 2007. Obviously, my kids have grown a lot since then, plus I had another one. LOL! I looked at it for awhile, and then decided that I would flip it over and make a new one on the opposite side! I could keep the old, but add the new!

This was the 'old side'...


And here is what I did with the 'new side'....


I used Echo Park's 'This & That Charming' line for this project, one of my favorites in the last few months, because of the greens and browns, which are always some of my favorite colors to use. It is a line that is mainly geared towards boys, however I made it work for both my boys AND my girls!



Something old can be new again, without ripping it apart and getting rid of what you have done in the past. Now I have 2 sides that I can put on display up in my entrance.

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