Friday, May 4, 2012

Whoops!  It's been a few weeks, I know....  and I am so sad to say that I have nothing new scrappy-wise to show you.  Instead I'll show you why there has been no scrapping going on.

This is all because of the fact that we have to bail our window well out every single year,
the basement has gotten water numerous times...
and after gutting and renovating the WHOLE basement this past summer,
this was the best option rather than risk it happening again.

Our yard was VERY unlevel, and it sloped towards the house instead of away from the house.
The town sidewalks tipped towards the house at a scary angle after years of neglect.
So we ripped them all out (got permission first), and also took out all of the other
cement in the backyard. LOL!!
 Added a whole bunch of more clay, it's now been spread around and looks more level already....

 Now this picture is an update, we now have gravel from that front big tree, all the way to the garage.
It doesn't look too homey and cozy, but.... 
I am hoping to spruce it up with some nice patio stones for the bbq, walkway to the garage, etc.
So yeah.... this is my yard right now. Don't be jealous.

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