Sunday, February 19, 2012

Was I up for the challenge??

So Lori, in her infinite wisdom.... decided to issue me a challenge. Take some super busy papers, flip them over, and use the other sides. Easy enough? Well, I thought it would be super easy but I admit it was tough! But, I do love the layouts that I finished up. :) Thank you Lori for making me think beyond the normal 'same line, same colors, etc.' that I sometimes get stuck in. ;)

Here are the layouts I made and the papers I worked with!!

The original papers...

The 'back sides'

My layouts!

Lesson to be learned? When shopping for papers, don't overlook the double sided papers that might seem too busy or just not your thing. The other side might be just exactly what you are searching for.....
Come on, everyone...
break on through to the other side...

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