Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Traditions

This year was going to be a year without a few of our traditions... and I kept telling myself that it was fine, because things change and that is a part of life. But, I kept thinking about not having Santa on Christmas Eve, and not seeing my uncle and aunt and their kids at all on Christmas Eve.... and I got sad.

Our Amma has been Santa on Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember.... but it is getting to be too much for her, too stressful finding extra gifts for everyone and to remember who she has for and who she doesn't.

We found a solution, though.... we told her that she should just use her actual Christmas gifts to give to everyone, instead of finding extras. Christmas morning there are SO many gifts under the tree, and nobody will notice one less, and this way Amma can watch everyone open her gifts without the bigger shmozzle of Christmas morning. Because believe me, Christmas morning in our family is a chaos of wrapping paper and ribbon drowning us in the livingroom.

So Santa WILL be coming this year on Christmas Eve, and I know my kids will be thrilled... as will I. :) It's the little things.

My aunt and uncle are also going to come over for a part of the evening after all, and that makes me happy too :) We always have such a great time eating and drinking and playing games... we have done it for many many years, and I wasn't ready to see that change.

So Christmas Eve we will be sliding in the afternoon with a bonfire weenie roast right on the hill... then back to my mom and stepdads for appetizers as supper, drinky poos, Santa, and some games... and of course tons of laughs and chatting.

Darcy, Brayden, Jackson and myself will be coming back to our house to sleep, while the girls have asked to sleep at Grandma's with my sister and her 2 kids, and my brother. We all stayed last year and while I love doing that, it's just not as easy this year with Brayden... I don't want him waking anyone up, and I don't think he'll go to sleep and stay asleep with 14 other people around. This way hopefully he'll get a good sleep and be in a great mood in the morning. Makenna and Tayla will phone us the second they wake up and we will race on over there and do presents, cinnamon buns, baileys and coffee and more presents. Then over to my dads for brunch and his gifts. Perhaps a little rest, then back to my moms for supper, and my dad usually joins us too.

Ahhh Christmas. Crazy busy, sometimes stressful, but always fun and memorable. I hope that my kids grow up to enjoy our holidays and keep some of our traditions alive. :)

Merry Christmas from my home to yours. Enjoy your loved ones, and make every moment count.

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