Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yup it is SNOWING out. And not just snowing, but I can barely see down the street it's coming down so bad right now. Unbelievable. Actually, this is the norm for around these parts. I had Brayden on April 29th of 2010 and I remember it snowed while I was in the hospital..... We've also had snow in May.... but hopefully this is the last storm of this winter!

So I have started a new blog for our updates with Brayden.... not sure but I think you can find it linked to my username with this blog? Anyhoo, I won't be updating about him on here, I'll leave it all for that blog... and just keep using this one for crafty stuff and other fun stuff I might feel like sharing...

This layout I completed the other day when I was in need of some 'scrap therapy'. I opened up some of the new Echo Park 'For The Record' collection! Not sure how often I'll get new ones posted, but I will definately post when I can. :)

I hope your day is a much more beautiful one than it is around Snow Lake! LOL!

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