Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

Whether you celebrate July 1st here in Canada, or the 4th of July down in the good ol' USofA.... I hope you had/have a wonderful time with family and friends, good food, and if you are fortunate enough... some amazing fireworks!

Unfortunately, we haven't had rain, which meant no fireworks for Snow Lake. That was so disappointing, because our firemen do such an amazing job and put on quite the show for such a small town. However, I am sure we will get our fireworks show as soon as we are able to, because that's just how the firemen are. And I can't wait! :)

Aside from that, our Canada Day was awesome!!! We went to the pancake breakfast, then watched the parade and caught candy down at my Amma's with my family... After that we headed to the beach, and the kids played in the lake while we sat in the beer gardens for awhile. LOL! It started off sooo cloudy and muggy I was sure it was going to pour on us eventually, but the clouds ALL cleared off by 1pm and it was an absolutely gorgeous day!! I got quite the burn! LOL!

By 4pm we'd had enough of the heat at the beer gardens and rounded up all of our kids, relatives, friends, and went over to Amma's... she lives right on the lake, so we set up camp down there with our towels and blankets, drinks and snacks... 2 boats and a waverunner, a couple of tubes and waterskis.... what a friggin fantastic day. I can honestly say it was my best July 1st ever. A few of our friends were back home for a visit from their new home in Nevada so it was extra special to have them join us!!

We got home at 8pm and the kids were so burnt out and tired, they went to bed easily and I didn't make it past 10:30pm, which is super early for me.

I didn't snap a whole lot of pictures, but here are a few!

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