Sunday, December 13, 2009

Scrappy Sunday!!

I think I might have to designate Sundays from now on as my scrappy days, NO MATTER WHAT! :)

It's been a LONG week.... My son was in the hospital here in town overnight, and then we were taken out by ambulance 2 hours away in a hurry the next morning... and stayed at that hospital overnight as well. He is well on the mend, his chest infection is almost gone and we just have to get rid of the rest of his pesky cough! The weather isn't helping, so hopefully that nasty wind will die down soon. It was almost

-50 degrees Celcius overnight, ridiculous!!

We also went for our ultrasound on Thursday! It was so awesome, even after having 3 kids already, they never get old... they are always amazing! And luckily there is just ONE bambino in there ;) Growing well and right on schedule, in fact I am now halfway there!

So today I am being somewhat lazy, after cleaning big time in the basement yesterday. My body wasn't liking what I did yesterday, so today is about relaxing... and what better way to relax than to attack a challenge from Love is in the Details!

Amber has a challenge posted HERE to 'make a list and check it twice'! I thought I'd tackle this one today and here is what I came up with, using one of my faves... Jillibean Soup! Head on over HERE to LIITD to see all of the challenges that we have for you!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead!! Christmas is FAST approaching... I'm done my shopping... are you?? ;)

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  1. Great Lo and I love relaxy scrappy days (I am about to do the same I hope)!!!! I'm all done my shopping, had one last thing to pick up and I got it yesterday!!! *claps! YAY!