Thursday, October 1, 2009

Midnight Fog

It's October, people! I can't believe it, where is 2009 going?!?! Well, the 1st of the month is reveal day... but I have to say, I'm not in on it! LOL! LIITD has started putting together special themed kits for different occasions, and the first one just comes out today and it is so drool worthy it's ridiculous. Melanie Blackburn did a phenomenal job putting it together, I am kicking myself for not jumping at the chance to work with it! LOL! It's called MIDNIGHT FOG and is available HERE! To check out the fantastic creations from Melanie, Lisa and Melissa, click HERE but put a little bib on to catch the drool, wouldja?! ;)
Great job ladies, I am so thrilled with the creativity and passion you all have!!!
Stay tuned for the reveal of the other October kit in the next little bit, I'll update you with a date shortly! :)

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