Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I thought that I should put a little post before the big crop in Miami this weekend! Time is FLYING by and I can't believe that the LIITD crop is already here! I am so excited to get away for the weekend without the kids, just me and my sister on the road listening to tunes, meeting old and new friends, and having a really awesome time. Lori always outdoes herself and definately puts the little details into everything. I am HOPING to have at least 2 layouts completed by the end of the night on Saturday, but I can't promise anything. LOL!
I don't even know what to pack! What do you normally pack for crops? We're driving 9 hours to get there (ACK) and while I DO have the van now with tons of room, I always end up taking way more than I need!! I also have to do my laundry and pack my clothes... tempted to pull out the maternity jeans so that I have room to eat. LMAO!!!!!!
I did an inspiration challenge the other day at LIITD, come on over and check it out HERE and then take a peek around at the other awesome challenges posted by my fellow CT'ers!! Always some great picks ;)
So have yourself a wonderful weekend... I dare you to get scrappy and create at least TWO layouts!! I will hopefully have pictures and stories to share on Monday!! :)

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  1. Drive safe, can't wait to meet you tomorrow!!!