Friday, January 30, 2009


Who doesn't love a little bit of love..... and who doesn't love a WHOLE LOTTA love?!?!
If you've been around Love Is In The Details for at least a year, you will know what's in store. Well, you'll kind of know what's in store... come on now, we aren't going to spill all the secrets!! LOL!
If you haven't yet joined, then I strongly encourage all scrappers out there to register at LIITD, because February is insanely busy, with challenges and prizes and surprises. Not to mention our famous online crop. And this year, let me tell ya... it's seriously a love thing. ;)
Starting on Sunday, with the reveal and maybe a really awesome surprise or two.... you are all in for an amazing month. Let's celebrate the LOVE, people!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh so it's not bad enough you tease us on the site but you've got to tease us here!!! Shame on you!!

  2. Exciting, can't wait to be there for all that excitement!